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The Foldlandia cattery of Scottish and British cats of golden and silver colors welcomes you to the official website of the cattery.

In the Foldlandia cattery you can buy Scottish and British kittens with green eyes in such colors as: Golden Chinchilla (ny 12), Golden Shaded (ny 11), Golden Ticked (ny 25), Silver Chinchilla (ns 12), Silver Shaded (ns 11), Silver Ticked (ns 25), as well as a new direction of our cattery's work - ultra rare and fashionable colors of Scottish and British kittens with blue eyes - Chinchilla Point (ny 12 33, ns 12 33), Shaded Point (ny 11 33 , ns 11 33), Ticked Point (ny 25 33, ns 25 33) - in variations: Golden Color Point (Golden Point) and Silver Color Point (Silver Point).

About Shipping

Our cattery successfully organizes safe world wide shipping. We are known and trusted in many countries of the world. All kittens have official documents and are delivered in a safe legal way.

Before selling, we provide buyers with additional photos and videos of a kitten for review. We can make the first acquaintance by video broadcasting, video calling on WhatsApp, Viber, or on any social network.

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    World Wide Shipping

    World Wide Shipping

    In Our Cattery

    Scottish Straight

    Pet Class

    3000 - 5000$

    Breed Class

    5000 - 7000$

    Show Class

    5000 - 10000$

    Scottish Fold

    Pet Class

    4000 - 6000$

    Breed Class

    6000 - 8000$

    Show Class

    6000 - 11000$


    Pet Class

    3000 - 5000$

    Breed Class

    5000 - 7000$

    Show Class

    6000 - 11000$

    The approximate price range is indicated. The price for each kitten is individual and depends on the exlusive of color, eye color and type of kitten.


    What gender is better to buy a kitten - a male or a female?

    Buy a male or female - this question arises before buying a Scottish or British kitten from everyone. The gender of a kitten does not always determine his behavior and habits. There are some tips to help you make the choice - buy a kitten girl or a kitten boy.

    On the Internet you can find a large number of articles on the differences between the genders. Pay attention, often they contradict each other. So, some authors consider females more independent, and cats more sociable, while others vice versa. The nature of each kitten is individual, as in humans. The behavior of a cat is influenced not by gender, but by character, breed and upbringing. If you are unlikely to change the character of the kitten, then you choose the breed yourself, and you will also raise it. The breed behavior of Scottish and British cats is sociable, calm and affectionate, regardless of gender.

    However, when deciding, you should consider the really important gender differences.

    Scottish and British cats have sexual dimorphism. Males have larger body sizes and mass. The average body weight of the male is 5-6 kilograms, and the female is 3-3.5 kilograms. Therefore, make the choice of gender based on whether you want to see your pet a large and powerful cat or dream of a miniature cat.

    Until the kitten begins puberty, differences in behavior between males and females are not noticeable. These differences are also invisible after castration or sterilization of a pet. In non-castrated and unsterilized cats, everything changes when the maturation period begins. And then the instinct of procreation greatly affects the differences between the genders. Males begin to mark the territory and things of the owner, against the background of hormonal surges, they can become aggressive and may even run away from home. Females start loudly calling males to create a pair.

    In addition, non-castrated cats tend to openly fight for a dominant position in the family. Encouraged by hormones, the male aims to become a leader in the apartment. Cats usually do not strive to take first place in the hierarchy; they try to achieve the fulfillment of their desires without entering into an open confrontation with their owners. Therefore, if you do not pursue the goal of breeding Scottish and British cats, sterilization and castration of a cat or cat is simply necessary so that all these moments do not affect a happy neighborhood with your pet.

    What breed of kitten can you buy in our cattery?

    In our cattery you can buy a kitten of a Scottish breed. This playful fluffy lump can not leave anyone indifferent, which is why the Scottish cat won the hearts of many people. The unique nature of this breed is completely devoid of aggression at the genetic level, and a unique feature - sociability without obsession can satisfy even the most demanding person. In addition to these indisputable positive qualities, the Scottish cat is still affectionate, elegant and faithful. This breed is not noisy and neat. The Scottish cat is friendly to other pets, has a soft character and gentle nature. She is always patient and loving, even to naughty children. Therefore, if you still decide to buy a kitten of the Scottish breed, do not worry that the life of your family will be radically changed. No, from the purchase of a Scottish kitten you will receive only positive emotions.

    In the Foldlandia Cattery, you can not only buy a kitten, but also buy a adult Scottish cat, as a pedigree producer or have already ended your pedigree career. This option is perfect for busy people who want to buy a adult Scottish cat already trained in all cat's wisdom, with steadily developed good manners, ready for breeding or already sterilized. After all, an adult Scottish cat is already smart enough and no longer needs your constant monitoring of it. She will perfectly understand both your intonation and read your thoughts. He will listen to every word addressed to her. Sometimes the rhythm of life of a modern busy person does not allow to devote enough time to Scottish kittens and to educate them - the best solution in this situation is to buy an adult Scottish cat.

    In addition, the Foldlandia Cattery is breeding a second, but no less popular breed - the British Shorthair. Therefore, in our cattery you can also buy a British kitten. The British kitten will impress you with its beauty no less. He is the owner of a unique beautiful plush fur and a truly aristocratic appearance. British kittens are calm in nature and do not belong to the active breeds of cats. They stroll imposingly around the house, do not bother with screams and their demands. British kittens quickly get used to the order and try to adhere to it throughout life. The British kitten is focused on its owner, he becomes attached to his owner, despite the fact that he values ​​his personal space and independence. Be sure if you decide to buy a British kitten, he will give your family a lot of positive and positive emotions in the process of communicating with him.

    If your plans include breeding British cats, in our cattery you can buy an adult British cat. This will be the best guarantee that an already adult British cat has no flaws, as some flaws can be unnoticed when buying a kitten with the right to breed. Of course, an adult British cat will cost more, but at the same time you will save money on its breeding and time. In addition, some people who want to buy a British kitten are afraid that they will not be able to cope with the care of the baby and his upbringing. In this case, it makes sense to trust a professional breeder and buy an adult British cat bred and raised professionally.

    If you want to buy a Scottish or British kitten, or an adult British or adult Scottish cat of a rare color, please contact us, we will choose the best friend for you depending on your preferences.

    Golden color of Scottish and British kittens

    The coat of a British or Scottish golden kitten looks luxurious. Orange-peach color with a black "veil". Such a "veil" is located on 1/3 of each shaded hairline (ny 11), and on ⅙ chinchilla hairline (ny 12). In ticked color (ny 25) black color divides hair into four parts: peach - black - peach - black. Paw pads in black. The nose and eyes are circled in black. The neck, stomach and ears should be light in color. Eye color is green for ny 11, ny 12, ny 25 and various shades of blue for ny 11 33, ny 12 33 and ny 25 33. In Scottish and British kittens with a shaded golden color, the hair is shaded on the head, ears, sides, back and tail, with a ticked color - the wool in the same places is ticked.

    Sometimes small kittens of the British and Scottish golden shaded cats have residual tabby marks (blurry spots). Usually, by the third month, the residual tabby shades and disappears. Kittens "Golden Point" color, on the contrary, are born completely white, but, gradually, with growing up, a precious golden color appears on the wool in the places of points. Both the color itself and the color of the eyes can gain depth of color to two, three years of age.

    The golden color of the British and Scottish kittens is impressive. No cat lover can remain indifferent to a kitten dressed in an elegant golden fur coat, with emerald or turquoise eyes.

    Silver color of British and Scottish kittens

    Silver is one of the colors of Scottish and British cats, attracting special attention. British or Scottish silver kitten looks chic and makes a lasting impression. Scottish and British kittens are bought by lovers of luxury and showiness.

    The silver color has several variations: ticked, spotted, marble, color point, shaded, chinchilla, shaded color point, chinchilla point and ticked color point. These variations differ in how the kitten's hair is colored. Precious silver colors include: ticked, shaded, chinchilla, as well as shaded, chinchilla, shaded color point, chinchilla point. In the documents of a silver British or Scottish kitten, you will find the color designation - ns, where n - means black, and s - silver. Black color is the most common primary tone in silver cats, although there are even more rare basic tones - blue (as), chocolate (bs), purple (cs). Variations ticked, shaded and chinchilla are numbered. Ticked - 25, shaded - 11, chinchilla - 12. Color-point colors have the same alphanumeric designations, with the addition of the number 33, indicating the blue color of the eyes. A British silver chinchilla kitten will be encoded in documents - BRI ns 12, a British silver kitten shaded with color point - BRI ns 11 33. A silver ticked kitten - SFS ns 25 (fold) and SCS ns 25 (straight) and a Scottish silver kitten ticked color point - SFS ns 25 33 (fold) and SCS ns 25 33 (straight).

    Scottish and British blue-eyed chinchillas

    Scottish and British blue-eyed chinchilla is a work of art breeding Scottish and British chinchillas.

    Chinchilla point with blue eyes and chinchilla with green eyes - competitive colors for winning love among fans of chinchilla color of British and Scottish cats. Chinchillas and colorful chinchillas point are really similar to each other, but there are differences in these colors. Cats of these colors are almost white and only the end of the hairs is painted in a contrasting dark color of the main color. In silver and golden chinchillas, the end of the hairs is dyed almost uniformly throughout the coat; in blue-eyed chinchillas, the tips are intensely colored only at points (nose, ears, paws, tail). Please note that the color of the color chinchilla is thermally dependent: the warmer the house, the brighter the color, and when it gets colder at home, the color of the chinchilla point darkens.

    The blue-eyed chinchilla is lighter than the green-eyed chinchilla. The blue-eyed chinchilla is almost white, while the shade is warmer than that of the chinchilla with green eyes, and tipping due to its lightness is not so contrasting and does not create the impression of a "sparkling veil."

    How to buy a kitten of golden or silver color?

    Despite the fact that British and Scottish kittens of golden and silver colors are currently rare and exclusive, there are professional catteries engaged in breeding British and Scottish cats of such colors. Such catteries do not exist in all cities of Russia and the world. In the digital era, you can buy a British and Scottish kitten of golden and silver color remotely. It’s important not where the kitten you choose is located, its quality is important. In the cattery of British and Scottish cats "Foldlandia" you will get a kitten, vaccinated and healthy, with a pedigree or metric. Buying an inexpensive kitten from the hands of "presumably this breed", sometimes with no documents, with unknown origin and of dubious quality, is almost always a fiasco. If you "buy a kitten not from a cattery", there is a high probability that it will not grow into a golden or silver British or Scottish. At best, he will grow up into an ordinary British cat or a Scottish cat, and then, if you're lucky.

    How much does a British golden or silver kitten cost?

    British kittens in golden and silver coats are popular not only in Russia but throughout the world. There are few professional cats of British cats of golden and silver colors, not every city has a cattery. But do not despair. You can buy a British kitten of silver or golden color from a cattery located in another city. Now professional British cat catteries organize delivery of kittens to anywhere in the world, which undoubtedly facilitates the purchase of a British silver or golden kitten.

    You can buy a British kitten of golden or silver color of a pet class (castration / sterilization is required) for 1000 USD. British kittens breed class (with the right to breed) are more expensive - from 1500 to 2000 USD. The price of British kittens of silver and golden color of the show class ranges from 2000 to 3000 USD.

    The price of British kittens of precious colors in most cases is determined individually and depends on many factors: exterior, color, pedigree, right to breed, etc.

    Scottish or British kitten. Who to buy?

    If you have already decided on the color of your future kitten, for example, it will be golden or silver chinchilla, the question arises which breed to choose, because these colors are found in both British and Scottish cats. Let's compare these breeds.

    British - powerful, squat, large and muscular cats. The muzzle is large, with pronounced cheeks. The ears are small and have a wide set. The tail is short and thick. The structure of the coat is plush to the touch, dense and short.

    Scottish - are divided into fold (Scottish fold) and straight (Scottish straight). The lop-eared ears are small, the tips hang down. Straight Scottish straight ears have erect ears, like British ones, but larger than the latter and have a closer set. Scottish - lighter cats than the British, have a longer body, high legs and a long tail. The muzzle is round, with less pronounced cheeks. The eyes are very large, round and expressive. The structure of the coat is soft and silky to the touch, slightly longer than that of British cats and contains less undercoat.

    Scottish cats are balanced and judicious animals. Patient, silent and unobtrusive. They are great companions who love children and abide by the rules of living together in an apartment.

    About British cats you can hear the statement that they are aristocratic and wayward. But, at the same time, they are playful and friendly. They can calmly endure loneliness if they have a variety of toys at their disposal.

    Both British and Scots differ from other cat breeds in their noble manners, intelligence and excellent memory.

    Highland Folds and Highland Strights

    Basically, you’re used to seeing Scottish short-haired cats. Like the main shorthair representatives of the Scottish breed, there are two subtypes of Highlands:

    • Lop-eared, also called Highland fold - ears are small, folded and almost lie on the head.
    • Straight-eared, called Highland Stright - medium-sized and erect ears.

    They are distinguished from the main representatives of short-haired counterparts by the length of their fur. These cats have a chic fluffy and long coat, which, in the variation of precious colors (silver and golden), looks even richer. Highlands have furry "panties" and a chic "collar".

    Despite the fact that Highland Fold and Highland Straight are semi-long-haired breeds, their fluffy hair does not require endless care. The courtship process consists in combing the hair during the molting period. At other times - once or twice a month will be enough.

    In the documents of the Highland kitten, the breed is denoted as - SFL for highland fold and SCL for highland straight.

    Scottish longhair kittens Highland fold and Highland straight are born less often than their shorthair counterparts. Nevertheless, in our Foldandia cattery you can buy a Scottish kitten with this type of hair. If there are currently no long-haired kittens in our cattery, leave a request, and as soon as a Highland kitten appears, we will contact you.

    Highlander or longhair british kitten

    A long-haired British kitten or, as it is also called, a highlander, got the right to wear a unique fur coat that requires easy care.

    Highlander, like British Shorthair cats, muscular, compact medium-sized cats. The coat of a long-haired British cat is very pleasant to the touch. The hind legs, neck and stomach are covered with longer hair. Visually, highlanders have a chic "collar" and "panties". Although the highlander belongs to the semi-long-haired cat breed, he perfectly cares for his coat. Unlike Persian cats, their hair has a less "cotton" undercoat, due to which the wool practically does not fall into tangles. The owner can comb out his long-haired British cat to remove dead hair and restore normal breathing of the skin.

    Despite their popularity, long-haired British kittens are rarely born. Do not be surprised if both parents of a long-haired British kitten are short-haired. Yes, it can be. It's all about the recessive gene of long hair. If short-haired parents have this gene in genetics, then there is a chance that a British highlander will be born.

    Despite the rarity of this type of British kittens, you can buy a Highlander kitten in the Foldlandia Cattery.

    Who are the Scottish and British chinchillas?

    Scottish and British chinchillas are British and Scottish cats, owners of a unique color called chinchilla.

    What is the peculiarity of this color? The coat of Scottish and British chinchillas is silver-white or golden-peach and only the tip of the hair is dyed in a dark, contrasting color. This phenomenon is called tipping.

    Depending on the main color, it can be blue, chocolate, purple and red, cream, but most often black. Tipping paints over the head, ears, back, sides, and tail. Light tipping stains cheeks and paws. The chest, stomach and inside of the paws of the British and Scottish chinchillas remain untipped: silver-white or gold, respectively.

    Chinchilla color is divided into two groups from the area of ​​the dyed hair. The 11th group includes chinchillas with 1/3 of dark-colored hair, these are called shaded, the color coding contains the number 11, for example as 11 or ay 11. The 12th group includes chinchillas, the dark color of which is present only on 1 / 8 parts of a hair. This hair is called shaded and this color is encoded 12, for example as 12 or ay 12. Shaded cats look lighter than shaded. The color of the eyes of the Scottish and British chinchillas is green, the gamut of green is diverse and can be from bright green to dark green with shades from emerald to aquamarine. There is an exception for shaded British and Scottish chinchillas, when the eyes may be yellow, in which case they are called puter.

    According to the basal color, Scottish and British chinchillas are divided into silver (with white undercoat) and golden (with a delicate orange-apricot color), which is why you can find such names as Scottish golden chinchilla (SFS ny, SCS ny), British golden chinchilla (BRI ny), Scottish silver chinchilla (SFS ns, SCS ns) and British silver chinchilla (BRI ns).

    The price of Scottish chinchilla and the price of British chinchilla

    The price for a chinchilla kitten is higher than for a Scottish and British cat of a regular color. The price of Scottish and British chinchilla kittens varies from 1000 to 1500 USD without breeding rights and from 1500 to 3000 USD with breeding rights. You can buy Scottish Golden Chinchilla and Scottish Silver Chinchilla in our Foldlandia Cattery.

    7 reasons to buy a kitten in the Foldlandia Cattery

    1. Foldlandia Cattery has been breeding with Scottish and British breeds for more than 10 years, during this time many interesting breeding with the best cats was made.

    2. Breeding work in the cattery is based on a combination of well-known and scientifically based methods of purebred breeding cats in accordance with the regulation on breeding work of international felinological organizations. All kittens of the cattery are required to receive documents of origin. A contract is concluded with the buyer of the kitten.

    3. Foldlandia cattery of Scottish and British cats is focused on improving the health and pedigree of our kittens. We place high demands on our cats - cattery producers. We care about the health of our cats and do not give them excessive breeding work.

    4. We do not focus on reducing the cost of maintenance and do not allow savings on feeding, vitamins, vaccinations and preventive measures when raising kittens in person or under a co-ownership agreement, realizing that a good start in life is the key to future health. All kittens cattery, and regardless of their class, pet, breed or show, are vaccinated by age, grown equally loved, with good nutrition and treatments by age.

    5. Good, adequate cats are the hallmark of the cattery of Scottish and British cats. We strive to maintain breed temperament and develop the best qualities in the breeds of the cattery.

    6. Today, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren of our cattery together with the name Foldlandia bear the titles of Champions (Inter, Grand) of the leading felinological systems of the world.

    7. We organize delivery to anywhere in the world, to any country, to any city. We work only with trusted and reliable shipping agents and couriers.

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    Highland catScottish cats today have two variations of coat length – Scottish Shorthair and Scottish Longhair. The longhaired variation of the Scottish cat is officially registered relatively recently and is gaining popularity literally every day. The Highland Scottish cats were not immediately recognized as a separate breed. For a long time, some felinological organizations considered the long-haired variation of the Scottish cats to be a tribal marriage. But the gorgeous beauty of these cats did not leave many people indifferent, thus gaining a sufficient number of fans who insisted on the official registration of such long-haired kittens. … Read more…

    Scottish and British chinchilla with green eyes and blue-eyed chinchilla point

    Scottish and British chinchilla with green eyes and blue-eyed chinchilla pointWhere did this colored name come from in Scottish and British cats? From a rodent of the chinchilla family, because this color of Scottish and British cats is very similar to the color of these animals. Where did this unique Scottish color come from, because we are used to seeing Scottish cats in plain or spotted or marbled coats? This color was originally borrowed from Persian cats. British cat breeders crossed them with Persian chinchillas to breed this magnificent color from British cats. … Read more…

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    Differences between Scottish cats and British cats

    Differences between Scottish cats and British catsFans of cat plush puffs are undoubtedly in luck. There are two breeds to choose from: Scottish Shorthair and British Shorthair. Both breeds have a similar type – round faces, chubby cheeks, plush fur and large round eyes. Scottish and British kittens at first glance evoke affection and are associated with teddy bears. A non-expert can tell a Scottish kitten from a British kitten only by the “folds” of the ears. What about the difference between a Scottish straight and a British cat? How can you tell them apart from the British cats? At first glance, a simple cat lover can easily confuse a Scottish kitten with a British one. … Read more…

    What is ticked tabby in Scottish and British cats?

    Ticked tabbyScottish and British cats never cease to amaze us with their beauty and variety of their colors. In our cattery you can buy a British or Scottish kitten of a ticked color – although rare, but quite popular. What does a Scottish and British cat ticked tabby look like?

    Ticked tabby is a zonal hair coloring, that is, there is an alternation of dark and light stripes on the hair. On the back, the concentration of ticked hairs is more frequent, which creates the effect of a dark stripe on the back, then the ticked hairs are scattered along the body, fading towards the stomach. … Read more…

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